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    Lunchbox gourmet
    Give your kids fun-tastic and delicious
    healthy meals even when your not around.
    Delivered directly to your child’s school or home.
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    Stay healthy hassle free
    Enjoy a wide variety of delicious and fresh
    food, without sacrificing what you like
    Find the bite that’s right for you.
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    Renew You
    Bring a healthy choice into your life and
    start losing weight.
    A fresh start is served on the table.
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    Selective Plus
    Choose what you can and cannot eat and we'll give a
    customized program that suits your needs and taste.
    Wheat free, dairy free and other picky eaters.

Welcome to Right Bite, We deliver the Bite that’s Right for you


We at Right Bite

Are all about healthy living. We believe in taking care of yourself inside and out and providing you with gourmet delicious that you will enjoy whilst feeling great


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Healthy Tips

Tip 1: A half hour morning workout will boost your energy, increase your stamina and get you going for the day

Our Programs

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